The project is composed of a building of 4 apartments and a villa that are all located in the same complex. The exterior design has an idea of disappearing into the nature that surrounds it.

Challenges: The development of a very high-end project in line with the new strict standards for energy-efficient buildings.

The four apartments are all different in style and in layout. Their design takes into account the respect of the privacy of each neighbour.





New construction

Uccle, Brussels, Belgium



The choice of the orientation of the building, the opening of the terraces towards the center of the parcel and the arrangement of the living spaces of each apartment are the instruments for the success of this project which gives it a special feel. The choice of the noble materials, the simplicity of forms and the superior comfort inside the apartments come together to form a whole.

Apartment  1
Apartment 2

The large north façade becomes completely blind and shows only a sculptural entry inviting to the interior of the house. The whole villa opens towards an interior terrace that becomes the generator of the private life of the house. The internal spaces are in permanent communication between them by inner glazed windows and by a ‘central avenue’. All living spaces are designed on one level, except the master suite, which is protected from outside looks and has an interior patio on the first floor.

3D Plans