The cost formation of the architectural visualization

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

To understand why the architectural visualization costs so much let’s define the term of architectural visualization.

Architectural visualization

Architectural visualization is a graphical representation of an architectural object or urban planning site created with the help of computer technologies. It has a high degree of realism and allows the most complete representation of the main characteristics of the future structure. It is an effective form of displaying competitive projects, creating presentations in the field of design and construction. Also 3D architectural visualization is an effective way to promote a product as it helps to attract new investors. Talking about the cost we need to start with clarification that the architectural visualization is the same type of service, as the service of the car maintenance or SEO web-site promotion, for example. In all cases price is formed by several important factors, and they are all about the same. So let’s take a closer look at all those factors.


The most important factor is time. Time is money, as they said. Flexible and intelligent time management can give an advantage in a competitive field. Therefore, work planning should start by calculating the time that will be spent on each specific project. During the work on the architectural visualization there are some phases to be considered and estimated – 3D modeling (2 days, for example), texturing (1 day), setting the light and test renders (1 day), some time for presentation to clients and 1-2 days for corrections, and the final renders + post production (1-2 days). Minimum 6 days in total. And even if it’s an urgent project or a small one, the process is usually almost the same. Our aim is to produce a high quality and competitive product for fair price. Only this business model gives growth and good feedback.

Other Factors

All other factors are less important, but they also affect the calculation of the cost of architectural visualization. They are:

  • cost of powerful computer capable to produce renderings in a high speed,

  • electricity consumption during working hours,

  • software payment,

  • farm-rendering (if necessary),

  • purchase of models and textures for project implementation.

If it is a huge visualization studio, you should add employee compensation and taxes to the previous expenses, as well as rental of premises (with all outgoing expenses). In addition, there are other individual factors of each CG-artist, such as a 3D artist's experience, education, visualization awards or prizes, language skills, etc.

As a result, we see quite an impressive list of costs from which it follows that architectural visualization is not a cheap product at all. Let's just say, for example, that just a license for 3dsmax costs $1000 per year.

In average the prices for architectural visualization vary between 500 and 1000 euro for 1 view (render, image). Many 3D-artists and customers have got used asking the price for square meter, but this approach doesn’t work, for example, when it goes about urban district renderings. That‘s why in the European Union countries the price is fixed for rendering, in general.

That's all. We wish you generous customers and beautiful projects.

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